DataDrivenJournalism.RU is a Russian-language open educational resource focused on spreading the information on some data processing techniques, as well as generally promoting the use of Open Data in the Russian-language environment. It was launched by Irina Radchenko and Anna Sakoyan in April 2013 as a volunteer-based independent open project. In many respects, its activities and subprojects are based on the international experience.

In particular, one of our most nurtured initiatives is the development of the Russian-language online data expeditions. The term was coined by OKF’s School of Data and the basic idea of its potential we got during its so-called Data MOOC. While developing this format, we have also relied on the experience of P2PU project and its peer-learning approach.


More information regarding our data expeditions can be found here http://ourchiefweapons.wordpress.com/tag/data-expedition/.
We are also always open for participation in international projects and experience exchange.